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Pain is Never Normal!

The first thing that I want to emphasize  here is that Pain is NEVER Normal!

Human nature tends to take over in our lives causing us to keep going and moving forward even when our bodies are telling us that its had enough.  There is always more work that has to be done right?  But answer me this is it really going anywhere?  A common misconception that many athletes face is that more is better and pushing through the pain proves mental toughness or is even going to get them to accomplish their goals quicker.  The true difference between two high-caliber athletes is that the athlete that remains the healthiest throughout the season is the one who’s going to end up on top.  Come on now… even common sense tells us that operating at 100% is better.  Right?

When we say that Pain is never normal we are not talking about delayed onset muscle soreness that follows a tough work out or vigorous physical activity.  That’s a good thing if you are training to improve your physical health.  Ways that you can differentiate from the pain we’re talking about is if you are experiencing any one of the following:

  • Pain that lasts longer than 2-3 days.
  • Pain that is re-occurring with pain-free intervals (comes and goes).
  • Pain that is sharp, stabbing, or burning in quality.
  • Pain that is accompanied by any form of numbness & tingling, pins & needles, or loss of sensation.

Lack of Pain doesn’t necessarily mean that you are well.  It is a scientific fact that only 10% of painful stimuli actually reaches your brain.  That means that 90% of all the issues that your body may be facing never even register and you are totally unaware there is even a problem.  That is how amazing our bodies are at adapting to the everyday stresses that we place on them!  But hold on because even though you are in the dark about the issue your body knows exactly whats going on.   So much so that the actual pain threshold or the amount of pain that your body can tolerate is actually lowered with each aggravating moment.  This means that by the time you are experiencing the pain there may already be a significant amount of damage.  That is why you hear those silly stories about people just bending over to pick up something or simply getting up out of a chair or off the couch and totally throwing there back out.  Sounds familiar i know!

Pain is truly your body’s way of telling you that it can not take it anymore!  You see most people don’t seek care until they are aware that there is a problem.  So let’s be realistic… Why not tackle the issue before the suffering begins?  And athletes just think how much more effective you can be at your game during training and performance if you take care of the other 90% of the problem before the damage is done.